Years to Come

by Colouring Rainbows

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released August 1, 2015

Drums on "Rivers to Rome" by Armin Spätzünder and Jessica Müller.
Drums on "Celeste" by Armin Spätzünder.
All other music written and performed by Jessica Müller / Colouring Rainbows.




Colouring Rainbows Germany

Somewhere between spheric vocals, ambient soundscapes and modern metal.

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Track Name: Rivers to Rome
Back when the north star still would lead the way,
there was a time when I could make you stay
A moment frozen in time, like on a photograph
Tried everything to stop you in the flow,
it’s way too hard to simply let you go
A teardrop frozen in time before it falls into the sea

I row I paddle I don’t see your face yet but I won’t just give in

Let go
I follow the stream, I follow my dream, hoping it can lead me to
Track Name: Ballad
how would you feel if I told you all my secrets and
led you down into my heart? would you follow me?

how might it feel if you opened all my doorways and
lured out the hive of butterflies? would you wait and see?

ooohhh, ooohhhh
the years have passed me by so long, oh how I wish that you could hear me sing this silent song
words fail me when I’m full with things I’d want to say to you

how can I explain all the mistakes that I’ll have made over time
might be that justice can’t be done for what I’m running from
and still you are right here, fighting off my fears and
putting sparkles in my eyes with the slightest smile
Track Name: Celeste
Tomorrow we might be no more
Tomorrow nothing can be sure
Today we live our shallow lives
Trying to find meaning in the sky
Tomorrow brothers might be gone
Tomorrow the world could come undone
Today we need to fight our bouts
Commander and his astronaut

Heaven nor hell, I don’t know them
Don’t know what awaits me
This life will fade like youth and dreams
But hope still flies to you

Heavenly kisses intoxicating me
Clouding my senses, is this really what I wanna see

No morning passes without me thinking back
But I don’t know you any more
They’re holding me, memories hold me tight
But I try, reach for better times
Track Name: Honeybee
Dewdrops, ooh

From a faraway place I have hailed
Following the west wind I set sail
Monsters and lions I have tamed
Wings untarnished by the fears inane
Guided by hope to find the flowerbed
For you to notice me, I’ll do anything

One way or another I reach a place
Where I feel my heart stop to race
Calming the senses, healing the wounds
A place to call home
Track Name: Your Weight On My Legs
moving on, your wind on my sail
you’re my battleship, you’re my sword and shield
and I have to carry you back

I don’t see where this goes
I sneak up on my toes
to the place where your foes await

quickly follow me back to the cellar
where you have buried your little skeletons
dug them all up from the closet
I am in this with you always

moving on, a new wind on our sails
we’re a battleship, you’re my sword, I’m the shield
and we both got each other’s backs
when things were as they were meant to be
now what have we left but lost dreams and hurt
are you there to carry me back?

hail breaking me apart like bullets
your wounds on my skin, a burden for me alone
the invisible toll it takes every time
what was yours will soon also be mine