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released September 23, 2013




Colouring Rainbows Germany

Somewhere between spheric vocals, ambient soundscapes and modern metal.

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Track Name: Skyscraper
Ahead of our time, a monument stands tall
You’d better climb it when you can before hopes fall
Reach up with your sword for the tip of the sky
Make swirls in the clouds, watch the birds dive and fly

Your weight on my shoulders
I am your monument
Our position set in stone
Your condition grazed my bone
Our gazes shift just to see that there was nothing to see from the start
Just to feel. Namely the aching void in my heart

The sound of emptiness can you hear it
Track Name: Andromeda
Time and again, I have been telling you,
This is not the time to stay treading in one place
The tide still moves and the world for sure won’t stop
Spinning around your sorry self even if you close your eyes

Try to get on with your hopes and dreams ahead,
But you have to keep in mind not to lose track of what’s behind
You hit the ground, bruises still covering your skin
Unless you find a new reality, there’s no waking up from this

Are we stuck here? are we stuck in this mess?

To wait till dawn you have to see the sky, watch the stars move on their paths
When all you see is black how can you keep up hope, imagine better times

I am long gone and you know it, leaving you far behind
Track Name: Segmentation
Seems like just one step away, one more jump and we could stay
Take a little rest from this, and enjoy the silence
Take one hit and you will see, you cannot enlighten me
When you should be takin’ it slow, make it up as we go

Why did we forget the good old times together, when we would smile together
Why do we regret the times we fought each other, where we were such a bother
But we can’t go back, no matter how we decide, change is definite and permanent
We will not look back, turn to pick up the pieces, we will live life to our fullest
Track Name: Hollowheart
My heart is vacant, tenant is gone
I searched the yellow pages but there’s no one to call
I looked for you in there, I miss you in there
Can’t help but feel hollow now

One step closer, I know why I’m here
I know ghosts of you are lingering

I don’t want to wake up in a place all alone
Surrounded by strange voices and tones
I feel traces of hurt and familiarity
Memories locked away in my heart
Track Name: Before We Go
Good morning, my friend. I have news for you. this is the end
You overslept one time too many, you have missed the last train
Whe world falls apart around you and you dream of love’s reign
I can’t stop to mend your misses, I can’t carry your weight
I can see you want to argue but it’s really to late, listen to the sound
Just one last song before we go

I can feel your heart hurting with each beat
Please don’t think this farewell isn’t hurting me
This doesn’t mean that we will never meet again
When we do it’ll be the best time we’ve ever had

Good luck friend