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by Colouring Rainbows

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released March 10, 2010




Colouring Rainbows Germany

Somewhere between spheric vocals, ambient soundscapes and modern metal.

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Track Name: Alacrity
Running faster, I feel stronger just because I know you’re here
Running faster, I feel better because of you
I don’t know what I should fight for in the shadow of myself
but imagining you with me makes me smile again
Track Name: Chapter I: That Move of Yours
It’s your turn, make your move
Blow me away off my feet
I know and you know that it’s always like that (like that)
My heart beats faster (I can’t wait)
for you

For you I’d rip my heart out
Hand it over smiling, in wrapping paper
That tiny heart beating in your hands
Can’t you see it beats for you

We’re moving on, faster than anyone
I can see the old times passing by
My secret in-brain photo album
Memories of you and me

One step forward, two steps back
Why aren’t we walking backwards yet
Seems like you can turn back time
At least inside my head
Track Name: Chapter II: Was
pieces of me lying around

Do you still remember
How it used to be?
When I knew how to smile
How to be happy

It’s all over, you are in my past
I can’t worry about what we had
Crematory of shared memories
It’s all past, it was, it was it was it was

Once upon a time, there was just life
Was, you know
But now, nothing’s left. nothing’s left.

You’re the past
Track Name: Chapter III: An Epic Failure
Can’t forgive, can’t agree, can’t feel a thing
Is that what has become of us humanity?
You and I, we’re all part of this
Part of the failure that calls itself mankind

You and I, we’re all part of this

I’m trying to make a change
You should try to make a change
We mustn’t ever fail
We can’t just live we’ve got to change gotta get a hold of yourself
With my touch I feel that everything goes wrong
I feel so out of place in this conventionalised world
When everything I wanna be
is free
Track Name: A Word with Miley
You go! Walk past streams of people, of
fans longing to reach you
Enjoying your superiority, you soulless beast!

On your way up you’d not look down
Carelessly stepping over
People trying to accomplish things
By being themselves

Come over darling,
Wanna be famous?
I’ll make you in exchange for
Your soul!

Smiling keeping the facade
Up for the crowd
Do this do that, you’re told by producers
Well, money rules the world after
all! “Kiss my ass I’m rich and famous”
Now! That’s the attitude

Fame made you its bitch
Fame made you its bitch
When will you realise
Without the wig, you’re nothing
Fame made you its bitch

There will come a day where you will
not be popular any more
When that realisation kicks in,
I wanna see your face

We all will laugh at you
And take revenge for
You acting like someone better
Then! “Kiss my ass I’m rich and famous”
Now! “Watch it or I’ll get my wig”
How can you treat others like that,
Carelessly stepping over
People trying to accomplish things
By being themselves
Track Name: 6
If you count the tears running down my cheek
If you measure my melancholy
It all adds up to infinity

The count of times that I’ve cried inside
Number of times that my heart has died
It all adds up to infinity

The sinusoid my heart beats in
Seems to be off track
Or is it normal that a sine wave
Rises to y = 6

Can you hear it?
Yes, my heart’s still beating.