Songs to Declare

by Colouring Rainbows

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released October 1, 2010




Colouring Rainbows Germany

Somewhere between spheric vocals, ambient soundscapes and modern metal.

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Track Name: Whale Howl Yellow
Truly to enjoy bodily warmth
Some small part of you must be cold
Nothing exists in itself
Except for the cold

That is our sad song
We cry and howl
Craving the yellow warmth
Of light and love
Track Name: Dot One
Antlers. Moaning.
Night On Trees
Time, Heart, Another Try

Speak My Avenger. Righteous Tone
Followed. In Gauntlets, Uriah Reaches Ends.
Twilight. Here It Shines On Unholy Tears.

Weaknesses Harass Endeavours. Never Wounded In Lost Love.
Memories Incarnated. So Every Riddle Yearns Embrace. Numb. Deranged.

Silence Eats Parabolas. All Regret Aside, Tears In New Graves.
A New Day. Dear, Only Neverland Escaped.
A New Day. Great Obstacles Never Erased.
Track Name: Only Circles Ever Are Not Square
square peg
round hole
meant to be
never never
trim a square
cut the edges
make it fit
to be special
make an effort
find the square hole
Track Name: Paris: A Romantic Telegram
Did you get the last pidgeon?
Maybe it took a wrong turn by the sea

I just wanted to tell you that I miss you

Only the heartless succeed in crime - as in love.
Now that I’ve enclosed my heart in this message,
will I succeed?

Maîtresse, embrasse-moi, baise-moi, serre-moi,
Haleine contre haleine, échauffe-moi la vie,
Mille et mille baisers donne-moi je te prie,
Amour veut tout sans nombre, amour n'a point de loi.
(Pierre de Ronsard)

I want to steal the Eiffel Tower for you.
Track Name: Umm... Smile?
Recently, everytime I see you, you look down
why do you never return smiles but with a frown
we used to be so happy just you and me
and I wish for this time to come back

Why won’t you just smile and paint the world in rosy red
water this dried world or in no time it will be dead
water it with happiness

Not every song is a sad song
Not every day’s full of rain
Don’t just give up on the good times
I’m sure they will come again

Even if not today

The count of the times that I saw you smile
I can count on one hand
Track Name: Terns Over New York
Every word reverbs
and words are ceasing to describe this.
Sentences like cascades
of falls I have been searching for.

We won’t be regretting this
I can’t get enough, please crawl up into my heart
Fill up all the space that you can find

Like a tern (like a tern)
By the sea (by the sea)
There you stand (there you stand)
Watching me

Regardless of time, you fly
Easily crossing the longest distance

Don’t want to talk about a perfect match
Because cliche love thoughts are superficial
Unlike our pond of thoughts and dreams
That might be the deepest in the world.
Track Name: ♥
It might sting a little bit
When my answer pierces your chest
But it will be over in a heartbeat
And then the butterflies will be free
If you ever get a heart-shaped hot air balloon...
I have filled it with my every breath. For you.
Track Name: Island
I. Sand. Lonely Adventure. Never Dreamed.
Inside, Sinking. Lost, Awaking. Never Dreamed.

One step further in the wilderness
Deep into the dark
I wonder if I can find the way
to the center. To your heart

Riding Unicorns. Nowhere Nobody. Insane, Not Grateful.

Three things I would take on a deserted island
I’m not sure if I could manage without a rainbow in vanity
I would take this song, I would take the stars and I would take you
Track Name: Listen Ophelia, Volatile Erotomaniac
O, woe is me

To have seen what I have seen, see what I see!

Your half-translucent skin
How many seconds till you will resolve into light
The vanity of your smile is frightening me

Do not, as some ungracious pastors do,
Show me the steep and thorny way to heaven,
Whiles, like a puffed and reckless libertine,
Himself the primrose path of dalliance treads
And recks not his own rede.

Good-night, ladies; good-night, sweet ladies; good-night, good-night.
Track Name: You Or Us
This is a story that you’ve heard before
Still, listen closely, you need to know more

Me and him or you? Us or you?
I chose and you lost, sorry dear

You thought there was a “we”
There might have been a “we”
But I couldn’t see it after all
I don’t know if I have tried
enough for you to agree
but for me, there was no “we”

My mistake or your mistake?
It’s hard to tell, we both were at fault
Even there we disagree
Hopelessly we fought and we fought
You know you were wrong yourself
You never had the right to act like this
You took a wrong step and it dropped
I took a wrong step and it broke again
Shards of a friendship

People come and go
There you go. And you won’t come back
I know there’s no stopping you
I’m sorry about the things I did
I see how hurt you are
But that is no excuse

You thought there was a “we”
There might have been a “we”
But I couldn’t see it after all
I don’t know if I have tried
enough for you to agree
but for me
How times can end, it’s a shame
A year and what have we gained?
Nothing but misery and rage
I hope the lesson we’ve learned
is to be smarter than this
so we can find a new togetherness, ohh
Track Name: A Word with Miley (Djent ver)
You go! Walk past streams of people, of
fans longing to reach you
Enjoying your superiority, you soulless beast!

on your way up you’d not look down
carelessly stepping over
people trying to accomplish things
by being themselves

come over darling,
wanna be famous?
I’ll make you in exchange for
your soul!

Smiling keeping the facade
up for the crowd
do this do that, you’re told by producers
well, money rules the world after
all! “Kiss my ass I’m rich and famous”
now! That’s the attitude

Fame made you its bitch
Fame made you its bitch
When will you realise
Without the wig, you’re nothing
Fame made you its bitch

There will come a day where you will
not be popular any more
When that realisation kicks in,
I wanna see your face

We all will laugh at you
and take revenge for
you acting like someone better
then! “Kiss my ass I’m rich and famous”
now! “Watch it or I’ll get my wig”
how can you treat others like that,
carelessly stepping over
people trying to accomplish things
by being themselves