One Step At A Time

by Colouring Rainbows

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released May 31, 2011

All songs written and played by Jessica Müller.




Colouring Rainbows Germany

Somewhere between spheric vocals, ambient soundscapes and modern metal.

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Track Name: One Step
Alone he sits there and he waits for his time to make a move
He watches me closely like a lion watches his prey
Pray for mercy, I don’t wanna die
I just wanna be with you tonight

Why do I feel this way around you every time?
Am I doing something wrong to have earned these deadly looks?
One step at a time, we sway

Like a dance, encircling each other
Victim - hate - affinity, your smile provokes mine
“I wanna make you mine”
Once and for all
You make me utterly full of explosions, and fireworks blasting, reflecting in your eyes
Track Name: Trails
The wind is swollen with a scent that I know all too well
I know what this means
The bitterness is feasible, I taste metal in this air
The grip tightens around my lungs
Lacking the letters to form the words
Speechless description of beauty
A silent picture painted by your voice
And I hold my breath

Inhale, exhale to fill the void
Nothing left but an ocean of memories

When the sand touched my feet
And my feet touched the sea
And the waves crumbled
The colour of your eyes seems rusty
Thinking back to that moment
Your finger running along the coastline
As we were back then

I can’t dream, choked screams - Why am I still hurting even though I can’t cry

Salty tears filling the ocean, your trail wiped out by the tide
Broken emotions and rusted pieces and shadows of me
Shards of the sunrise around me, every bit of seaglass is
Much like the feelings between us, tumbled by our memorial sea

Track Name: Attack Impress Caress Destruct
He pulled her
And he wrapped her in compliment
With a blinding smile
He waited till she opened up
For the direct access
The setup complete
He pulled the trigger

Flesh torn apart
Cover is blown
Organs are blown
Up and spread open

Nothing left intact but
The bare soul in the middle
Lone, naked and cold
Poor thing, shivering hopelessly
He took it and dressed it
Gave it some comfort
Wrapped his arms around it
And broke it in two

A killer
Star-eyed murderer
Moon-eyed ocean
Watching the scenery
Moving the tide
Nothing will change anyway
Just one more broken one
Who was attracted
And caressed, and then torn
The simplicity of nothingness
Who could ever make it whole again?

Left with just the shards of the past
Trying to make something out of them
Track Name: Helix
Ripped apart in two parts there we stand
The emptiness of broken hearts knows no end
Spiralling, there we were, moving as one
But our connection seems to have come undone

Now we fall, descending
I don’t want this ending
Please stop me before I crash

And the eyelids got heavier

Slowly, they closed like the window of time

Left before my loss

I didn’t know how to handle this, how this would have ended

Missed my chance, lost the game

Few steps left but all the same

You are gone, and I am leaving

For a better place, for a better ending
Track Name: At A Time
Tired but don't wanna sleep
Out of oxygen, but don't wanna breathe
Wanting to change, but lacking the speed

Pierced through the chest, it’s always the same
So sick and tired with these ridiculous games, I give up
They sit there, the hopes, the wait, the dream
and all that remains is a reason to scream

One step at a time, it deepens the wounds
From the push and pull of edgy harpoons
But masochists can’t get enough of this
How can heartache be that much of a bliss?
To be called a lunatic is fair enough
Too much to endure? I dare say, far off

I can’t tell you whose fault that was
All I know is that I’m sitting here broken
Eyes full of tears, I feel tiny and weak
With nothing left cause you took it all from me
How should I have known, trusting the wrong
I want you to know that this isn’t your song