by Colouring Rainbows

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released March 6, 2013




Colouring Rainbows Germany

Somewhere between spheric vocals, ambient soundscapes and modern metal.

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Track Name: The Sea, Mirror of Stars
I can count the millions of tiny specks on the ground
I can touch the light and feel its warmth
I wish that you were next to me
but all there is is the lack of any wind, of any sound
If you don’t look ahead
be aware that you won’t see me coming
and as the tide stands still
the blood red moon is crying just like me

These depths that no light has been able to reach down into
I’ve been shadowing them all this time just for you
My surface may be but a mirror of amazing things
But just below there’s horrors waiting
These depths I’ve been shadowing
Don’t amount to anything
When you only see the stars
While below there’s horrors waiting

if you don’t look ahead
be aware that you won’t see me coming
and as the tide stands still
the blood red moon is crying just like me

Even though reflecting the night,
I can still reflect sunrise
it’s monumental either way,
so will you be so kind and stay
Track Name: Gravel
I don’t know if this could be a step in your direction that I don’t wanna take
I don’t see how this would make anything better, silent sadness inbetween

Heartthrob and headache, headthrob and heartache

Stones I drop and sticks I step on
Walls to climb to where I’m from
No other way but to move on
On the long road that’s just begun

Choice is always hard to make
Steps are always hard to take
Is a smile so hard to fake?
Think I might just fall and break
In the moments when I’m weak
and the fears creep through the leaks
Please be sure not to freak
It’s always so hard to speak
Track Name: Eternal Sky
If things were easier, I wouldn’t be doing this
But I have left the capsule
The silence swallows me

We are distant now, like two radiant stars connected by a little moon
Your light still feels warm on my skin
But I can only see your redshift any more
And your light seems to be fading until you vanish
swallowed by the dark

We’re moving further away, floating into new galaxies

As long as we share one sky, as we light the same world, we are connected
As long as we both keep burning, as we both keep drifting, we are connected

The sky holds all the answers
So I am still counting, trying to find the missing piece
in the calculation, I am sorry
It still doesn’t add up to me
Track Name: The Place
One movement away, far apart, here to stay,
I can watch you go astray with your children left to play
Hurt built up inside even when you run and hide
Her arms opened wide with only emptiness to embrace
This is the only place

Pain hurts only as you allow yourself to feel
Wounds fade only if you allow yourself to heal
Places you called home may close up, disappear
But the new awaits, so move along with your conscience clear

All alone you’re waiting there, no one left to look nor care
Memories are all that’s left of a better time and place
This is the only place
Track Name: Forest Well
One sheet of paper can hold a universe
Strokes and swirls that tell of hopes and dreams, worries and fears
Our privacy in public, our very own place

Where thoughts can run free, with no limits of time and space

And the more words you write to me, the more I long to make it reality

For the pain to cease, for the burn to ease,
It's with you that I feel able to breathe

I yearn to let go, fall and reach the bottom of these eyes,
deep as a mossy well, I fall into you
Like Alice when she fell into the rabbit hole
I try to open my eyes and realize that they’ve never been closed
My pupils adjust to the beauty of this, to the beauty of you
The irises melt into one colour and I catch my breath once again