by Colouring Rainbows

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released August 6, 2012




Colouring Rainbows Germany

Somewhere between spheric vocals, ambient soundscapes and modern metal.

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Track Name: I
Thousand layers and facades, mirrors, shadows and sharades
Can I really still call this being myself?
Every time I look behind, it always crosses my mind
What has been real of myself?
I haven’t had enough time to
Go find what I have needed to
I haven’t seen enough just yet
Why should I let it go just yet

I believe in you
I believe in us
I believe in myself
I believe in magic
Track Name: Believe
In silence you would stand without even noticing
Never once have you given in marvelous and frightening

Even in the darkest days you tried not to suffocate
Without belief you might have failed, might have stayed inside your shell
But you kept moving, you threw in everything
You tore it down. Neglected dreams

Can you believe in something so delicate as love
Can you nourish it, a candle in the wind
Can you earn it without crushing it
Can you polish its various colors
Can you be the sail to carry the feeling
Can you be the wind to move it on
Can you refill it if it leaks
Can you fulfill its hopes and dreams
Can you mend it if it breaks
Can you mend me if I break
Track Name: In
I just want to go in
why did you shut me out all of a sudden
the pain is still creeping in
why are there always holes left in my shutter

eyes set on the prize, lock and key, sing with me
I don’t wanna be alone in this horrible cocoon
used to be family and I still want to be
turned away from the light, no belief left to fight
Track Name: You
The shadow-stepping suicidal needy wreck of thousand needles
The fiendish grinning hateful friendly smart and stupid crazy genius
The lovely long-haired skinhead loser winning me over and over
Monochromatic rainbow tide is low and still the deepest ocean

Opposites unified, they’ll stay this way tonight
Eagles in full flight, a couple worth a fight
Baby, hold me tight and make the wrong right
With you by my side, you
Track Name: My
What I would give for a better tomorrow, I can’t seem to stray from my path
Leave the chalk-marked road that destiny has led me on
Free as a bird spread my heart wide open like wings
Walking miles and miles waiting to rise into the sky
If I could only realize this dream of mine
My dream

My expectations unfulfilled, I turn the page and wait for
Something new for me to make sense of with you
Track Name: Guardian
one step further and you are gonna need me
your ignorance cannot change the truth
you think you know how to pick your battles
but on this path you are all alone

rejected all the good because if you’re gonna die
what does it matter now
protected what you love, but then left it behind
one hell of a guardian

could not withstand the drive
broken promise shards of faith
why’d you leave the way
never dared to doubt your words
and now my hollow chest is vast
like dark matter spread in the universe